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To 138 Dark Tan/Black St Cavalier Top

To 138 Dark Tan/Black St Cavalier Top

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To 138 Dark Tan/Black st Cavalier

These Tops are genuine EZ ON tops. Orig Price $193.00, Priced to sell $168.00. Call if you have any questions. The individual parts for the top are designed using CAD (computer aided design) equipment and those patterned parts are then inspected and verified by our design staff before the actual top is cut for production.

All finishing bindings used match the texture and color of the topping. All main seams are double stitched for strength and durability. Vinyl and cloth tops are heat sealed on the outside and cloth tops receive an additional heat sealed process of hot tape on the inside. Both processes ensure a waterproof seal.

Our tops are sewn with premium polyester threads which are both durable and UV protected for years of service. Review it on our Facebook page! To 138 Dark Tan/Black st Cavalier
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