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Apollo Sample book

Apollo Sample book

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Full sample book for the line of Apollo vinyl. Apollo 4 way stretch marine upholstery vinyl is a unique 4 way stretch vinyl that works perfectly when contouring around any frame, securing a tight, waterproof fit. TOTAL WEIGHT (OZ/LIN.YD) 32+/-10% ROLL SIZE 30 YARDS THICKNESS 1.10+/-10% WYZENBECK ABRAISION (10 COTTON DUCK) 50,000 CYCLES ASTM D-4157 UV STABLIZED QUV-B 500 HOURS WEATHERROMETER 1500 HOURS COLD CRACK -25°F FTMS 191A-5874 ANTIMILDEW / PASS IS 7016 PART 4 ANTIMICROBIAL / PASS CFFA-121 

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