10 Ways to Protect Your Boat Cover, Vinyl & Upholstery

If you’re a boat owner you know that it’s a 24/7 365 day a year job to keep it looking its best. Sure, we get great satisfaction when we take to the waters, but as anyone who owns a boat will tell you, that is only half the story. We spend hours making sure our… Read more »

7 Quick Leather, Boat & Car Interior Cleaning Techniques

Techniques to Maintain Leather, Vinyl & Headliner Fabrics Whether it’s a new piece of leather furniture for the front room or dining room in your home or if you’ve recently purchased a new boat or car, you’ll be keen to keep it clean and clear of any odors, which above all will lead to these materials,… Read more »

Marine Vinyl – Mold Cleaning Tips

Vinyl Mold Removal and Prevention Tips for your Boat Though advances in marine vinyl production have resulted in the development of mold-resistant materials, boaters are still frequently finding unsightly mildew spots on their seats. The reason for this stubborn mold growth is quite simple. Passengers are often swimsuit or bikini-glad, and either covered in sun-tan… Read more »

How to Effectively Clean Your Vehicle’s Carpet Stains

Cleaning Stains From Your Vehicles Carpets With the winter months fast approaching, if you don’t have additional protection on your carpets in your vehicle, you leave it prone to stains. Remnants of slush, mud and salt will saturate your carpets. Salt stains leave pesky white marks that don’t go away with just water. If you… Read more »

The History of Silk & the Production Process

Silk is a filament fiber that is created from the proteins that silkworms secrete. Despite being named silkworms, they are actually caterpillars. Silk has been known as a luxurious fabric that has been prized for its softness and strength, it comes with a bit of a price tag because it the fibers are a natural… Read more »

Simple, Effective Boat Cleaning Tips

How to correctly maintain your boat for a longer life Boating and fishing is a great relaxing activity but in order for your boat to stay in tip-top shape, you must care for it and clean it. Taking care of your boat after every trip adds value by protection and restoration it also stops the… Read more »